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Welcome To AC Solutions International


AC Solutions International is redefining the way Social Care Providers work and operate in a changing climate. The UK leads the world in the regulation of it Social Care environments and at AC Solutions International, we can adapt and redeploy these regulations to suit any Social Care enterprise in the world. 


Our purpose is to take the highest standards from the UK and to train and develop Social Care enterprises, training institutes & academies as well as individuals to adapt them to the growing need for Social Care around the globe.

At an International Level

  • Consultancy and Guidance

  • Implementing the Highest UK Standards

  • Adaptation to Social Care

  • Training & Development 

  • Global Movement of Staff 

  • 20 Years Of Experience

  • Leading Industry Expert

  • Large Portfolio of Care Homes 

  • Affiliated to the National Care Association

  • CPD Registered Training Provider

  • Extensive Network of Training Providers and Legal advisors. 

  • Registered on the NHS Ethical Recruiters List

  • Operate in accordance with the UK Employment Code of Practice

Why Choose AC Solutions

Focusing On

Health & Social Care

​AC Solutions International harnesses the experience of a group of healthcare professionals which aims to work with Providers, Trade Associations, Local Authorities as well as Government Departments to bring their knowledge and experience to the table offering a ‘one stop shop’ to guide both domestic and international clients. 

The UK offers perhaps the most regulated and effective health and social care systems in the world, setting a quality threshold which can be benchmarked for everyone to follow. Our aim is to work with you to ensure that your service is benchmarked against some of the highest standards possible.

We are happy to discuss your needs with you and work on a bespoke solution to ensure that your criteria are met at an attractively affordable level, providing you with guidance and support in all areas relating to Health & Social Care.


What They Say ?

Client Testimonials


This is why we do what we do.


See how employers and care staff like you, have fulfilled their care home requirements or found lucrative career options through us

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