Nurse and Patient

AC Solutions is a team of healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience in running care homes. Our recruitment team specializes in Social Care recruitment so we will only put forward candidates who we believe have the right value-based desire to enter the sector. We can therefore support you with the smooth recruitment process of filling your vacancies in your social care environment. 


Our associate company owns and successfully manages a portfolio of care homes employing a significant number of care worker staff. We therefore have the expertise in helping you with the management of your international recruitment for your care home. It is through this work that we have established a sound reputation within the sector whereby we are asked to provide advice and support to business owners as well as local and national government advisory bodies. 


Through our offices in the United Kingdom and India we are a healthcare centric company supporting the training and recruitment for Care Homes. Through our India office we have years of experience with the cultural, lingual and the legal knowledge to provide compatible candidates whose skills and experience make the process simpler.


Over the years, the entire healthcare sector has suffered massively with staff shortages. In 2019, there were 110,000 vacancies in social care which has now spiralled out of control due to the effects of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. AC Solutions is here to serve you with all your staffing and training needs for the smooth  running of your nursing and care home.